About ShipMaps™


This ShipMaps site is designed to illustrate in an interactive environment the applications of Satellite-AIS (S-AIS) in solving real-world issues across the maritime industry. At the heart of each story, you will see a simple map with sample ship traffic information collected from space.

More information can be overlaid using the various map layers, building greater context into the ship map and demonstrating how a combination of situational information and empirical satellite data can be combined to gain insight and knowledge about key maritime issues.

Each of these web-based map applications combines data delivered using standard information formats. Interoperability can often be a bottleneck, hampering the integration of disparate data sources, such as S-AIS, particularly in the geospatial world. By developing and using delivery methods that comply with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), such barriers are removed.

Web-based delivery of S-AIS data enables it to be embedded within existing workflows. These Web Services support different types of filtering to allow for dynamic and ad-hoc customisation of data based on geography, time, and AIS message attributes.

The customisation and combination of data sources with simple narrative and multi-media delivers an interactive map-based platform to explore the exciting new world of S-AIS.

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