How Does ShipMaps™ Work?

Getting Started i.pnghelp.png

When you enter a Ship Map Story page a pop-up box will provide you with some background about the use and story. Dismiss this box to activate the map. At any time this background information box can be brought back by clicking on "i" the button in the top banner. The "?" button also situated in the top banner provides help on the data being shown in the map and guidance as to the context of the various layers.

Navigating the map

The story is centred around a map which is the focus of the web page. You can navigate around the map as follows:

zoom.jpg Pan: You may pan around this map in the normal way by simply dragging the cursor.
Zoom: You may zoom either by simply using the tool displayed in the upper left corner of the map, or you can use your mouse / other pointing device. Roll the mouse ball towards the screen to zoom in, and roll it away to zoom out.
Shift: Holding down the shift key will allow you to create a box with your cursor that determines the extents of the next view.


Layers Menu

This menu allows you to toggle on and off the various data layers by clicking on the check-boxes. The layers menu may be minimised to allow more of the map to be drawn by clicking on the left arrow in the top right hand corner. The Layers menu can be brought back into view at any time by clicking the arrow next to the zoom tool.



Each data layer in ShipMaps has unique styles and colours representing different attribute characteristics. To find out what each colour or style design of a layer represents, simply left click your mouse on the specific layer name in the Layers Menu. This will reveal the breakdown of what each color or feature actually represents. To get rid of the legend, simply click in the body of the legend to close this.

Selecting Features

Features drawn on the map may be selected by clicking on them with a left mouse click. The physical shipping data, such as Positions and Tracks, may be clicked on for feature information. Information icons and Passage Zones may also be clicked on for information boxes. Internet links can be found in every shipping data feature information pop-up box. Shipping Density maps will not return information. External data, such as Wave Heights, Aquatic Species Distribution, Exclusive Economic Zones, and Ice Extents will not return feature information either.

Points of Interesti_map.pngpoi_tab.jpg

Throughout ShipMaps you will notice an information icon. Clicking on this icon will open a new window providing useful information as well as interactive links to other websites and media helping to explain the Story. You will also notice the POI Drop Down Menu. This menu will allow you to review each of the points of interest by selecting one from the menu. The map will respond by panning to the centre of the point of interest. Feel free to use this as a navigation tool to explore some of the interesting features found at these locations.

Sharing ShipMaps

You may share or tweet your experience with ShipMaps using both Facebook and Twitter using the icons in the footer of the page. In each case this will open a new window and will automatically connect with your social media accounts if enabled.


We hope you enjoy your ShipMaps Experience!